Thank you for your enquiry for an EV charger installation at your home. It is a very exciting time and we hope to make the process of getting an EV charger as smooth as possible.

We have developed a process to submit information and photographs to enable us to remotely survey your electrical installation. This process can be completed on a desktop computer or a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone enables you to take photos straight into the form.



We need photos. The more photos you provide the better picture we have of your property and its electrical installation. Photos we need are the fuse board, the electric meter and incoming service. Also the desired position of the charger and the route of the cable to supply it.

PLEASE NOTE There are examples of the type of photos we require but if you do not know what an item is then pass on that photo and go to the next no problem at all.


MPAN number is your meter point number. Strangely it has nothing to do with the actual electric meter itself so please don’t look there. You can find it on your electricity bill. It is a long series of numbers and normally found in a rectangle along with a big S.

Why do we need it? Every charger installation requires an application to the District Network Operator. These guys basically bring the electric to your house. In Yorkshire this is usually Northern Powergrid. We complete the application for you and we must have confirmation from the DNO that the service to your property is adequate before the installation goes ahead.

PLEASE NOTE We do not need your MPAN number to provide a quote but if you have this information now it eliminates any delays later on.


All OLEV eligible chargers are smart chargers. They need to be connected to the internet. Different chargers use different systems but usually either 4G or WIFI, sometimes both.

Chargers that use 4G basically use the same system as your mobile phones. So you can use your phone to see if you get a signal in the desired location of the charger. WIFI is transmitted from your internet router in your property. Again a mobile device can be used to check the signal strength.


Socketed chargers are a socket on your wall, when you want to charge you plug one end into the car and one end into the charger. Tethered chargers have a fixed lead. When you come to charge you unravel the lead and plug it into the car. Leads vary with manufacturer in length but range from 5m to 10m.

PLEASE NOTE You may already have used our Express Quotation & Booking System and already chosen you preferred charge point so please just pick the selection that suits your choice.

If you are unsure which to go for that is no problem, just select ‘not thought about it’ on the form and we can discuss this later.

To start the survey please click below and if you have any problems at all please contact us on 01937 541444