Welcome to our Express Quotation and Booking system.

Who is the Express Quotation system for?

This system is for anybody looking for an EV charge point at their home with a ‘standard’ installation.

What is a standard installation?

Surface clipped cable, run neatly with premium clips between the meter box/fuse board/consumer unit and the charge point. Meter box/fuse board/consumer unit position must be within 1m of an external wall. No groundworks or lifting floor boards required.

For ‘non standard’ installation please Contact Us

What is involved?

Just a few quick questions to get the ball rolling…..

Name and contact details.

Is this project OZEV grant eligible – Please check here if in any doubt OZEV.

Choose your charge point or just pick ‘Not Sure’.

How far is the desired charge point position from the property’s consumer unit/fuse box. This is just an estimate of the cable run between the two, 1-10m, 10-20m etc.

And that’s it!

On completion press ‘Select a time’ at the bottom of the form. You will now be shown an estimate and have an opportunity to select an installation date. The estimate is subject to a desktop survey and grant eligibility checks.

Please note there are two tabs to select a time. ‘Suggested Times’ and ‘All Available Times’. ‘Suggested Times’ are system selected and can sometimes be a distance away so please check ‘All Available Times’ for availability.

Press ‘Review’, check your details and reserve your date.

If you have any questions before you use the form please get in touch.

Some questions you may have

I don’t know which charger is best for me?

No problem at all just select ‘Not Sure’ and our team will discuss a number of options and find the best charge point for you and your property.

What if we don’t want to commit to a date?

No problem at all. On the ‘Select a time’ page press ‘Arrange a time later’.

What if we want a different charge point than first selected?

No problem at all. We’ll just change the enquiry to a charge point that is perfect for you and your property.

To start the form please click below and if you have any problems at all please contact us on 01937 541444